Tunnex TV is a privately owned online TV channel. It is originally known as Education Television Nigeria. It started in November 2016 in mind but it was officially inaugurated in November 2018.

As an Education TV dedicated solely for educational activities, it main objectives is to bridge the gap between theory and practice. This dichotomy has existed for long and it has degraded the quality of education in the country. Invariably, we are committed to promoting quality education and digitally advance intellectualism.


To promote quality information to educate and to digitally create advance intellectualism.


  1. To harmonize all events or activities across Nigerian for Online TV broadcasting.
  2. To develop talented future broadcasters in the field of broadcasting,


  1. We offer videos which are recorded from any event and made available online for awareness on our website and social media platforms. The videos are recorded via electronic means.
  2. We consult various institutions, individuals to cover their researches, thesis, activities journals, etc, which may edited for proper visual format and shown on our TV channel.
  3. We offer video-on-demand of educational or any events/programmes:Conferences, Symposiums, Matriculation, Convocations, Debates, Quizzes, Camp Event, Music Promotion, Wedding, Inside Campus, Education, Interview, Birthday, The Famous Biography, The Famous Autobiography, Coronation, Religious Convention, Convocation, Graduation, Political Rallies, Burial, Funeral, Product Campaign, Product Awareness, Corporate Function, etc.